Are You Ready for TOITOI Day?!

If you are not aware, TOITOI Day is a yearly Fuji music concert, with Oba Aderemi Ayinde Aluko (A3) and the crew!

He will be celebrating his fans in the country and in diaspora, with lots of music and more.

So much is planned for the day as it is the first edition of its kind. Mark your calendars as all roads lead to Mimaya Event Centre Ojota for ToiToi Day 0.1!

Happening on the 15th of December, 2019, it will be a fun-packed event – a perfect way to start the end of the year celebrations.

If you are a Fuji fan of Oba Aderemi Ayinde Aluko (A3) and his talented band and crew, make sure you attend!

Invite someone – there’s going to be some comedy too – it’ll be a time for laughs and great entertainment.

Check flyer for more details:

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