The Nigerian Hypocrisy On Sex For Marks

The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) this week released an expose it did on one of the sleazy crimes pervading a lot of higher institutions in Nigeria – Sex for Marks.


BBC sent in undercover reporters posing as students to some Universities. These “students” wearing hidden cameras and were able to show for the real what sleazy lecturers do.

They showed the true nature of the hateful and oppressive crime of sex for marks which several lecturers subject female students in our higher institutions to.

In the video, a culprit Dr Boniface, UNILAG Lecturer And Foursquare Pastor was seen openly soliciting a supposed young girl of “17 YEARS” for sex.

In the wake of the topnotch investigations carried out by the BBC, a lot of hue and cry has been going on in the media and social media.

Therein lies the Nigerian Hypocrisy!

The Nigerian Hypocrisy

The Sex for Marks sleaze is a dirty game which has pervaded the nations higher institutions for a long long time.

The average Nigerian student is aware of more than one lecturer in their school who engages in the sleazy act of sex for marks.

It not only stops there, it is also an open secret among lecturers of higher institutions of colleagues who are guilty of this act.

The Nigerian Media?

Several of our topnotch female journalists are in themselves not unaware of this practice. Some of them may have even been victims or have had individuals who are victims of this hateful practice of sex for marks.

But over the years what has the Nigerian society done about this dirty lecturers? In most cases nothing.

Kudos goes to the many individuals who have had an encounter with some of these types of lecturers and fought back in their own way.

Usually, it ends up been an individual fight. In a few cases, when the victim is able to provide irrefutable proof, the host institution is forced to acquiesce and bring punitive measures against the erring lecturer.

However, despite knowing of this sleaze in our institutions, on average Nigerians have done nothing!

The BBC has cracked open the gate, there is a lot of hue and cry and baying for the blood of the identified culprits.

Hopefully, this time, perhaps we won’t be hypocrites and sweep the sleaze under the carpet.

Perhaps indeed this time, the Augean stable of the Nigerian higher institutions will be cleansed.

Perhaps this time, we will be bold to see the fight through to a meaningful end of ridding our institutions of lecturers who use their authority to victimize students, demanding sex for marks, asking for money for marks or some other such favour.

We have known all these exist for a long time, let us rise and fight it to an end now.

Say No To Sex For Marks In Our Schools

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