Killing – 4

The nurse lady was strong, she’d somehow managed to get back behind the counter while he played with lion hair. He liked a strong woman, they never died easy.

“Hey, yo. Whatch you trying to do?” He crowed at her as she looked at him with fading eyes. She was dying alright but she wasn’t dying easy. He let her be for she would die sooner or later with all her guts hanging out the way they were now. He turned back to face his original quarry.

She sat there, curled up in a ball, shock having rendered her completely inactive.

“The Jesus people didn’t mean you no harm but you hurt their feelings” he said as he bent down to look into her frightened eyes. His eyes wandered to her naked bosom, giggling as he saw they’d hardened in fear and with all that running.

“Running did that to yer” he thought…”running from your sins be making all your juices cook themselves in yer body.”

He could feel faint stirrings of satan’s temptations again, he shook his head to clear them and looked the scared young woman again in the eyes.

“An eye for an eye, the good book says” he drawled as he stroked her left cheek with his knife “Turn ye thy left eye, so thy neighbour can stick it with his knife and do not stick back” he added with a cheeky grin.

Quick as flash, he popped the woman’s left eye with the tip of his sharp knife making her pee herself again as she started to whimper

“Please, please…” she begged “I don’t want to die, please”

He giggled at the fear in her voice, pleased at the mess he’d made of her left eye. It was dribbling down her left cheek, a mixture of blood and burst eye blob, making a goey mess.

He stroked her chin with the tip of his knife, starting to press into her skin as the tip got to her lips then he cut her lower lip in two.

He giggled again as she screamed. This one was good, this one was very good.

“What be yer name, little missy with bouncy tits?” he asked

“pleish, pleish…let mu gu…” the woman tearfully pleaded through her damaged mouth.

He was annoyed that she hadn’t answered his question, “Stinky peeing little tart” he thought angrily. “Tell me yer name or I’ll pop ye right eye”

“Pleish, pleaish, dooon’ttt….Gooooshh, Goooooshh…mu name ish Goooooshhh” she answered with tears.

He did a strange thing then, he burst into laughter, a strangely happy sound. He looked the scared woman in the face, shook his head and said, “Yer ma, be a strange woozy, naming yer Goose”

“I’ll be leaving yer alone then, the good book says, …leave the goose so the gander can eat her or something. I bet yer got a gander that be eating your goose real good” he leered at her.

“The good book is the good book and I can’t be going against its writings.” He got up, “I’ll be leaving yer now, Goose, it’s been a pleasure making yer acquaintance”

He looked at the counter, the nurse lady was pretty dead all over it. Once again, he looked at the young frightened woman and smiled, tenderly, almost lovingly, “I’ll be moving along now”

With that he stepped out of the door into the night and was gone

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