What is it with me and stories?! I know, but it’s the perfect way to catch your attention – my stories (you should even read some of my Whatsapp updates) and poems (I drop some at midnights too on my Whatsapp updates). So how about I tell you a story…

For some reason yesterday, I was craving salads – plenty of it; and it reminded me of the time I was in Abidjan in 2014, my new francophone friend decided to take my friend and I to this huge food market (after we made a quick stop at the Zoo National d’Abidjan) – I was in awe! Not that I like food like that, but all that new, non-Nigerian food to look at, I wish I had a camera to take as many pictures as possible.

I used to travel with my boss for the sole purpose of creating content for all the work we went to those African nations to do – I always took a lot of pictures and did a lot of writing till my fingers were aching – so going to that food market just a day before we headed to Togo was a very welcome distraction.

It was my turn to order, and I told our translator to tell them I wanted salad – the food vendor looked at me in shock and kept asking, “seulement?” I had to confirm with a “oui” and several nods to confirm and let her know the translator understood what I’d requested – I wanted salad only. Guess it was hard to believe I would only choose to have salad among all the delicious-looking, fat-dripping foods the market offered! Well, what can I say? I was about to get on a plane, and I wasn’t going to risk any stomach trouble – plus, I don’t really like food like that, ask @uptaiwo.

So! I just told you a story – and in it I have passed vital information – I have been creating content for a while, I like salad and there’s a food market you should visit if you’re in Abidjan.

Tell your story! Tell it any enticing way you can – tell your client’s story/experience about your product, that helps too!

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