A lady asked a very important question, “is there Zobo for people with diabetes?” And she responded “Zobo is for the diabetic… ExoticaZobo even has plain flavour, zero sugar… purely plain with nothing added that you can warm up as tea.”

The confidence with which she responded, telling that lady the health benefits of her product was mighty impressing. Oh I’m talking about the good madame at ExoticaZobo! She went on to share a story about her dad, but that’s not my personal story to tell.

I’m just going to go straight and ask you this question – what does your product do? What are its benefits, health or otherwise?

Back as a secondary school student, Zobo became the in-thing at a point! Everywhere in school, someone was holding on to a bottle of the sugary deliciousness (cos they had to make it that way for us to buy!)
But there is wisdom in taking something people derive pleasure in and showing them the benefits – you just increased the value of that thing.

So she sells Zobo, with many flavours – banana, coconut, pineapple, lemon etc. I had the coconut and pineapple flavours at #TAEHangout last Saturday (they were delish! @drealtyc couldn’t say more than “this is it!”); but with her Zobo she puts the benefits of the drink first, she shares how the drink has helped people she knows health-wise. It is why her brand is exotic!

Allow me to reiterate on her behalf, ExoticaZobo rich in taste and good for everyone – whether your health allows for plenty sugar or nah, there’s just the right flavour for you! And they are in stores all over Lagos, head on to @exoticazobo to find out the closest store to you.

So yeah, you want people to buy your product or buy into what your brand does – why? What value are you going to add to people with the product? Is it going to help with my blood sugar? Help me reach a wider audience? Establish my class and style? Take time to figure that out. If you need help, send me a mail at

For my non-Nigerian friends, “zobo” is drink made from Sorrel/Roselle leaves; scientific name is Hibiscus Sabdariffa.


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