Crypto-currency had a huge awareness overdrive in year 2017 all over the world and Nigeria is no different, so if you are wondering how to get into the crypto-currency wave and want to buy crypto-currency with debit card in Nigeria, then this post is for you.

The first thing you have to know, is that not all crypto-currencies are readily available to buy with a bank card. So, you have to narrow your options down to the more readily available one which is Bitcoin

So where can I buy Bitcoin with a bank card?

The answer to that is is an European Bitcoin service provider which offers direct buying and selling of  bitcoins in more than 17 different currencies – this is a big deal especially if your card is not denominated in dollars.

At Cubits, your Naira Mastercard or Visa can be used to purchase Bitcoins directly.


For most platforms that offer the purchase of Bitcoins with Fiat, there can sometimes be a long drawn out process of verification.

Kraken for instance requires that you send across various sorts of documentation such as your ID, Utility bill and some other sensitive documents for verification before you can purchase cryptocurrency using fiat.

With Cubits, this process is simplified and can be completed within few minutes due to the verification system they make use of.

When you sign up to make use of the Cubits platform, you will have to go through a video verification process and once that is completed your account is good to go.

Usually, it just requires answering a few questions and displaying a valid ID – If you are registering from Nigeria, Cubits will only accept your current International Passport as means of verification.

Once, this process is completed, you are allowed to login into the platform and use your debit card to purchase Bitcoins.