He woke up sweating. The nightmare he’d just had was beyond horrible and he couldn’t shake the feeling that it all was going to come real and soon too.

He looked at his bedside clock. 3:00 am, it blinked back wearily at him.

“Schucks” he said out loud. “Still a while before it is daylight, let me chop this yellow girl I brought home last night a few more times before, its daylight proper,” he thought to himself.

Sex, he figured would be a good way to pass the time.

He turned to the sleeping shape beside him… and then the horror started.

Laying down beside him was not the yellow bubbly girl with bouncy boobs he had brought home last night, in her place was a shrivelled up old woman.

Her hair was white and in some places they had fallen off and he could see not her scalp but the white bone of her skull.

He broke out into a cold sweat. No, this has got to be a nightmare! Another nightmare!

“Dude, don’t scream,” he thought to himself. “If you scream she is going to wake up.”

Gently, he started to inch away and just as he was about to slip out of the bed, the old woman sat up and looked right at him.

“Where you wan dey go now, my pikin? We never finish from last night o. You go still shake my body like three more times before day break.”

With a muffled scream, Jide Omoakin, scrambled out of the bed.

“I’m still dreaming” he told himself. “I’m still dreaming…” When he realized this was very much reality, he resorted to pleading. “Please,” he begged the old woman, “please let the one of yesterday be enough, please.”

“No, e never do” said the old woman. Somehow she had floated out of the bed and was standing right before him.

The bouncy yellow boobs he had sucked with such gusto yesterday, had now become two huge flabby decaying mounds of rotten flesh.

Jide gagged and threw up on her.

“Please ma, please mummy, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that, please sorry ma.”

“Foolish boy, oya take breast and suck it now.” she handed one flabby rotten breast to him.

Like a cornered rabbit, Jide looked for a way of escape. He scrambled back onto the bed, trying to make his way across it to the door.

He was lucky, he made it to the door opened it and ran to the living room.

The yellow girl with bouncy boobs he had picked up and turned all sorts of way in the bed last night was waiting for him in the living room.

“Ah, t’emi bami.” thought Jide to himself.

He went on his knees, “Please aunty, I’m begging you. I didn’t know you are here. Please, aunty I’m sorry.”

“Men, you always think you can run. Where do you think you are going?” She said as she came over to where he was.

“You have had your fun with me, now you must have fun with my grandmother.”

The old woman with the rotten flesh had come out of the bedroom and was behind him now.

“Ah, my pikin you no wan do again? Why you dey run comot?”

She gripped him from behind, hugging her flabby rotten flesh against his body. Her hand came to his groin area searching for his manhood.

“See as the thing go run hide, see as e come small.” she laughed a crow laughter.

Jide found himself unable to move. He was fixated to one spot. Eerily, he felt a part of himself detach from his body and it stood aside to watch proceedings. How could he watch himself go through this nightmare? He wanted to scream to his detached self to him.

The old rotten woman was now trying to suck him off to get hard. He saw his body responding and his shaft was soon standing stiff at attention. He saw as she pushed him backwards and she sat astride him.

She pushed his shaft into a hole in her body that was dripping with maggots; and rode him with gusto.

“My pikin, this thing e sweet well well,” she crowed happily.

Her strange voice and what was happening jerked him back to reality. He vomited again, even as the old collapsed on him in a climax that sent maggots flying everywhere.

“Two more, e remain two more” she said, as she started to ride him again.

By the time, she was getting done again the second time, Jide found that he was going to climax as well.

Horrified, he tried to hold himself back but he couldn’t. He exploded, his semen mixing with her maggoty cum.

“Arrghhhieeeeee, Arrghhieeeee,” screamed the old woman as she fell on top of him.

Disgusted with himself, Jide pushed the old rotten woman off himself and crawled to a corner. He looked down at himself and saw maggots falling off his manhood.

“Dear God, please let this be a dream.”

He looked up, the yellow girl and old rotten woman were standing side by side.

The yellow girl came over to him and Jide closed his eyes in fear wondering what was to happen again. He felt her give him one long lingering kiss.

“Thank you for giving grandma a nice time.” she whispered into his ears.

When he opened his eyes, they were gone. The yellow girl and her rotten grandma were gone.

Jide woke up with a start, shivering. The nightmare he’d just had was beyond horrible, and he had the feeling it was going to happen soon.

He looked at his bedside clock. The time read 3:00 am.

In dread and panic, he looked towards the figure sleeping besides him.

He saw the familiar shrivelled old woman. She was staring back at him with a smile.

The End


“The One-Night Stand Nightmare” was written by UcS



Read more short stories by the RebelKween here

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