He looked at the letter once again and the words stood out as clearly as they had the first time… “TERMINATED.”

It dawned on him that he’d just been fired.

Slowly, a rage started to build up in him. This stupid company he’d slaved away ten good years of his life for had just cut him loose. Just like that.

He read the letter again and he didn’t see anywhere benefits were mentioned. Apparently, for all the ten years he had put in, his only entitlement was just one last measly pay day.

“Retards. Selfish retarded bastards,” he thought angrily to himself.

“I put in ten good years, slaving away on this stupid desk for stupid hours for stupid pay and all I get is a termination letter with just one last month of pay,” he fumed.

Right at that moment he felt like screaming out all the frustration he felt within.

But he knew screaming would do no good.

An errant thought flashed into his mind, he smiled to himself as he got up from his desk and made his way downstairs to the section where the company cleaners stored all their items.

He came back up with a mopping stick and made his way with a swagger to the manager’s office.

The manager’s secretary looked up as Mart came in with the mop and quietly closed the door.

“Hey Mart, why do you have a…” she started to say.

She never ended the statement, as he jabbed her right in the mouth with the stick end of the mop.

The stick went right in as he’d taken a little time to crudely sharpen the end into a pointed form.

She didn’t have time to scream either, as the stick went into her soft throat and he twisted it upwards to reach further into the soft meaty tunnel of her throat.

She choked on her own blood.

Satisfied that Lucy, the secretary with benefits who had refused to let him get some was dead, he strode with purpose to the manager’s door.

He opened the door gently and peered in. Mr. Mason, the manager was deeply engrossed in whatever he was doing on his stupid laptop.

Mart hated the laptop.

He hated it with a passion because it was a stupid girly pink. No real man would make use of a stupid girly pink laptop.

He coughed loudly to get Mr. Mason’s attention, who peered back at him rather irritably.

“Uhm… yes, Mart what do you want? I’m sorry, but there is really nothing I can do, so coming to beg won’t help,” he fired off in his flat-toned voice.

“Self-pompous idiot,” thought Mart to himself.

He strode further into the office, closing the door behind himself and instead replied, “I’m not here to beg Mason, you are the one who will be begging soon.”

Sensing something was amiss, the manager stood up, looking rather alarmed.

“Hey, Mart, what’s this? Where’s Lucy? Why did she let you in?”

“Sit down and stop asking stupid questions Mason,” roared Mart.

Quickly, Mason scrambled back to his seat and sat down with the look of a cornered rat, his eyes furtively dashing from the phone on his desk to the door.

“She won’t be coming Mason. Lucy won’t be doing you any more under the table servicing.”

“I killed her.” said Mart.

You could cut the silence that filled the room with a knife as the manager slowly digested what Mart had just said.

“And I’ve come to kill you too.”

“I can kill you easy or I can kill you messy but you will die today, here, now.” added Mart.

There was a cold steady determined look in Mart’s eyes that made the manager sure he meant every word of what he had just said.

He decided to make a dash for it and quickly climbed onto the table, in an attempt to escape.

It was a mistake.

His potbelly got in the way and he fell off the table to the floor.

Quickly, Mart moved to where he had fallen and stabbed him in the gut with bloody mop stick, quickly bending down to choke his throat to prevent any loud screams.

He knelt by Mr. Mason, who looked back at him with pain and fear in his eyes.

“Hey, Mason how about I suck you off right now?”

He opened his manager’s fly and took out his shrivelled manhood. He peered at it for a moment and shook his head.

“Really tiny mister, you have here Mister,” quipped Mart.

In a short ruthless move, he bent down and bit off Mason’s phallus.

Mason fainted.

Wearily Mart got up and walked to the window in his boss office.

He’d always wanted to open it to let out the stink of Mason’s and Lucy’s bodily activities anytime he had occassion to come in after one of managerial quickies.

This time no one could stop him. He opened the windows and jumped.

The building was ten floors high.


“TERMINATED” was written by UcS


Read more short stories by the RebelKween here

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