If you are wondering how to buy bitcoins in Nigeria and trying to be careful not to get scammed, this guide will show you how to buy bitcoins in Nigeria with relative ease.

The following are required to buy bitcoins in Nigeria

1. A Bitcoin Wallet
2. An account on an Exchange that allows cash deposits from Credit Cards
3. An International Passport (for verification)
4. A Valid proof of Address (also for verification)

Getting Your Bitcoin Wallet
Just like it sounds, the bitcoin wallet just like the regular wallet you put in your pocket, will hold your digital cash.

You can register for a secure wallet on Blockchain.info. The procedures to register for the wallet are quite simple and straight forward. Do ensure that you keep a safe copy of all your passwords and verification codes.

Open An Exchange Account That Allows Cash Deposit From Cards
Usually, if you have existing crypto-currency, you can directly use that to purchase Bitcoins, however this guide assumes that you have no crypto-currency at all, hence the need to purchase your Bitcoin with cash.

Two exchanges that we will recommend which will allow you to purchase Bitcoins using your cards are:
i) Kraken
ii) Cubits

You can register for a free account on any of the two platforms by clicking on the links above, however in order to deposit cash into your account, you will need to undergo some verification process.

The verification process will require a Current International Passport and also a Valid proof of Address, which means that you need an official billing document that carries your name and the current address you are staying at.

If your verification is successful, then that’s all. You will then be able to use your Naira Mastercard to directly purchase Bitcoins on any of the two platforms.

*Do Note that the Cubits verification system will require a direct internet video call either via their web interface or from their mobile app which you can install on your mobile phone*