One month after, the president is still not back from his “vacation”. Counting from January 19, 2017, it is safe to say that President Buhari has been out of the nation for over a month as of today.

The rumor mill has of course been very busy with many speculations as to what could be responsible for the President’s long-delayed return. Many have also chosen to remain somewhat skeptical of the constant messages of re-assurances from his information team.

Perhaps as a way of verifying things for themselves and to help allay the fears of Nigerians, several political bigwigs have made their way to London to visit the president and have subsequently made pictures they took with the president available in the public domain.

And with their return, the message they have is often as follows:

“President Buhari is hale and hearty.”

“President Buhari is his usual boisterous self.”

“President Buhari spoke at length with us.”

“President Buhari sends his best regards to all Nigerians.”

“President Buhari says there is no cause for alarm about his health.”

However, the question remains – When exactly would the President be back?

The long and short of it is that no one actually knows.

We do wish the president a quick recovery, even as all Nigerians continually look out for the date of his return.

So, we will go ahead to count… As of today President Buhari’s vacation has reached Day 34