I raised my leg – one after the other – to step out of it. He threw the wet bundle to one side… “now we’re even” he said, as he held my naked cold wet body to his warm and dry self; he started to kiss my neck.

There was something about his lips on my neck that got me weak-kneed every time; I started to sink into the tub when he caught me and lowered me on himself as he sat first in the tub and all the bubbles… if only we had champagne! But we had red wine!

“Hey, can I quickly fetch us two glasses of red wine? Do you mind?”

“That could work… hurry back.” He tapped my bottom as I got up and raced very carefully with my wet feet to the kitchen.

I entered the bathroom, a glass of wine in each hand; hubby already had Praiz’s “69” playing in the bedroom – that got me smiling; this my ‘le hub’ knows how to be romantic when he wants to be.

He was shaving when I entered the bathroom…

“I poured some more of your liquid soap thing into the tub, the bubbles were de-bubbling.”

I laughed… de-bubbling… I made a mental note to reward him for shaving, just cause. As soon as he was done, I handed him his glass of wine and gulped down all of mine in one swallow!

“Easy babe! I’ve told you to always sip, not swallow everything at once na, you’ll soon start staggering about like a headless chicken now.”

Felt like the wine was already kicking in, ‘cause the laugh that escaped from my mouth was a little loud and weird,

“No time to sip, hon. And as long as I’m staggering unto something, then we are fine… come, let’s go back into the tub.” He guided me back into the tub, and before he had the chance to slip in and sit, I quickly lowered myself into the bubbles, bringing my face to his Mr. …

“Can I stagger my tongue all over this?”

Of course, I wasn’t going to let him answer that, at least not with words…

I heard his silent moan as I started to lick and roll my tongue around this hard chocolatey goodness; I gathered some lather with my free hand and started to rub all over his nuts. I sucked and licked some more, sending him down my throat occasionally – hearing him moan louder when I did that; the feeling was crazy, at this point,
I was sure my own juices were mixing with the soapy water. In a little while more, I stopped and made him sit; he took another sip of his wine while I looked at him hungrily.

When he returned the glass to the floor, I gently lowered myself on him – filling myself with his hardness. I just sat there and didn’t move, I was enjoying the feel of him inside me; then I heard him whisper and hum along to the song on replay “I wanna live inside you…”

I felt him put his hands around me till his fingers found my nipples; kneading, massaging, working those now-tight, hard nipples…

“yes, rub down those nipples, Fe.” I wasn’t even sure if I’d said that, I heard my own voice from miles away…

I was lost… I did not know when I started to move my hips in circular motion on top of him, gently going up and down and in circles, taking him deeper and deeper inside me.

Now he was not just working my nipples, he’d gotten a good grip of my breasts and was rubbing on so hard, biting the back of my ear softly; I was going insane and obviously so was he…

“Babe, You’re still safe, yea?”

“Huh? Ummm yea?” Safe? What’s he talking about safe? … Oh..! Before I got a chance to recover from my own orgasm, enough to calculate if I was still safe or not, I felt him start to jerk and explode inside of me.

That was that I guess, safe or not! But I loved every bit of it! He buried his face in my neck, planting tiny kisses, playing with my breasts.

“Now we need to drain this water and wash up for real.” came his husky sated voice.

I groaned after he helped me sit on the edge of the tub,

“can we just have more wine and hide under the duvet?”

“We can do that, AFTER we wash up and eat something, even if it’s cereal… grab your shower cap and come.” he said with a smile

I reached for my shower cap hanging on the wall, went back into the tub and held on to him as I felt the water run down from my head down my body… today was a good day, another good day.