“Hey wonderful… heyyyyy. How’s work going? Oh you closed already? … Yea I figured. Ok listen, you have your key, yea? … Oh, no I’m home, I just need to take a long bath; need you to open the door to the house yourself? … No no I’m alright, totally. I just had a somewhat eventful day and I need to soak up… see you soon, husband!”

I got off the phone and got off the bed; I started “husband that is going to get some… ughh ughhh I got the moves like Jagger, yea!”

Been a week and some days since the fishnet episode; things had been great – we’d gone on a few dates, weekend shopping together, pulled a few more stunts on our dining table… life had been good; but I decided to add some lingerie spice again, sprinkle some of that lingerie luvvin’ all over our loving!

I was humming again… “Every time I rewind to when I gave you my heart o… oh my God…” I headed to the bathroom to fill the tub with my bath wash; in a few minutes I had created a bubble bath!

“Yes, I am Bims, creator of a bubble bath, wearer of heart lace sexy lingerie, planner of bathtub sex, wife of Felix, Mrs. A!”

I glided back to the bedroom, bent in from of the dresser and touched up my nude lipstick and powdered my face; the thing was, I wasn’t planning on taking a bath, I was just planning to settle in all that bubble till he walked in on me!

I started to hum Cynthia Morgan’s “Bubble Bup” as I floated back into the bathroom; I took another final look in the mirror and as I heard the gate to the compound open, I got into the tub, got comfortable and closed my eyes.

“Babe you in there?” I’d drifted off and not heard him open the door

“Hey hon, you back. Yes I’m in here. Come join?” I replied

“I’ll just let you finish…”

“No! You don’t want to just let me finish; you want to come in here. Trust me.”

I’m sure it was how I said it and the underlying tone, he knew he had to come in here that instant and he did!

“Look at you looking like a goddess in there… why do you have make-up… oh damn!”

The “oh damn” came after he saw me get up… I was standing there in my red and black lace lingerie, wet from neck to toe, soapsuds clinging to my body, my nipples hard and pushing against the lace (I’d pinched them severally for that effect).

“Naked hug?” I asked as I looked at him, hunger in his eyes; he nodded, and started taking off his clothes…

He got into the tub with me and hugged me tight, his body was warm.

“How was your day?” I whispered.

“About to get better. One day, you’ll tell me where all this inspiration came from; but now…” He started to undo the lingerie from behind