“So, I don’t understand; tell me again how you’re needing new lingerie like every other week!”

I smiled as Ranti asked her questions; with all the goodness those blessed lingerie have been bringing in the form of rock hard-edness, why wouldn’t I want them every week! I should get ‘em like every three days, even.

“Madam I’m talking to you, be here!”

“Here! Yes I’m here jor. Ranti ooo… just tell me if you have new collections! Ehen, and I want that Calvin Klein panty with strings on each side… aaaaand I want the denim print thong… will go very well with my denim crop…”

“Aunty! Climb down from that your cloud first! Bimpe I’m not leaving this your house until you tell me what is going on o! Those underwears are in your size so I know you are not getting them for someone; besides I’m like the only girlfriend you have! Did a less-privileged home for ladies with limited undergarments open up somewhere?!”

“Chai! Ranti, you can twist someone’s intestines with questions, hian. Ok, I’ll give you a very short answer – things got really not-happening between Felix and I; so I decided to spice things up! And you are the angel God is using right now, so if you have plans to close up shop, not now o! Don’t even think about it!”


He slammed my back against the dining table; good thing I hadn’t laid out all the food yet… my back was going to hurt later; but later was when I was going to attend to that. Right now I could not ignore the bulge in Felix’s pant pressing hard against my lower tummy…

Five minutes ago…

I heard him enter the compound; I took one last look at my reflection in the living room mirror before I proceeded to the door. I looked into the peephole to be sure it was him; cos you know, a girl cannot afford to open the door to a stranger dressed in… this!

“Babe you will not believe who I was just on the phone with…”

He’d said those words before he took a look at me; and the instant he laid his eyes on me, I knew whoever was on the phone was the last thing on his mind! “Babe, you’re home horny… early today.”

I smiled my million-dollar, dimple-flashing smile at him, enjoying how he had stumbled on his words and was struggling with his tie. “Felix? I left work at the regular time, it’s you who’s late.”

“Oh yea, sorry, the guys wanted to grab a few drinks after close of business. I didn’t eat though, I knew you’d look… cook something nice.”
I took off the robe I was wearing on top of the main attraction… “Oh yea, I sure did; but first…”

He didn’t let me get any more words out, he grabbed me by the waist, and in about seven giant steps my back was being slammed against the dining table…

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