I could still feel his bulge growing, by the way, against my stomach. He was kissing my mouth, my face, my neck. His breath was hot on my skin. My lips were parted; I was trying to say something – I hardly remember what it was I was going to say; oh yes, his belt! “Fe, your belt is biting into my…” “Oh sorry babe.” He lifts his hip to make room enough to remove the belt and lower his trouser.

I feel him struggling with the trouser with his legs as his mouth catches my left nipple – that’s the thing about fishnets, they cover/hide not much; but again, that was the idea!

I gasp and moan; he’s always known what switch to flip, always! So what happened? Our sex life went from really hot to extremely cold; after the wedding, shit was steamy! It was our mutual agreement to wait some two years, enjoy each other before having babies.

The first year, the sex was amazing; then the second year – zilch, nothing, nada… they’d go from days without, to days that it was just to fulfil all marital righteousness – it was boring, almost annoying. I just knew I had to do something, before things got really worse; cos if things were like this before the kids, what would happen when they arrive!

Arrive… I felt close. His mouth had been on mine for a while; I was lost in thoughts about how the sex had sucked before these past few days. Sucked… suck… Fe was doing a great job with his mouth; his tongue was like a carrier, drawing forth my orgasm… “Fe, oh gosh…” Wait, for his mouth to be on me, he must have ripped that part of the fishnet… Girrrllllll, where’s your mind?! Be here (like Ranti would say)!

“Fe, ohhhhhh… What? Don’t stop.” My eyes widened in surprise as I watched him get up and lift me off the table. “Where are we going? Why…” He shut me up with a brief kiss… “Nowhere babe, we’re just going to flip you over, yes? That ok?”

Why on God’s given earth would it not be ok! He hadn’t touched me from behind in a long while; heck if I hadn’t been waiting for this! Slowly, I felt him enter me from behind, very slowly! Too slow that it felt like torture; maybe if I wiggled and shoved my behind towards him, he’d get the hint to increase the pace. “Easy babe, I know, but easy… aii?”

Sighs, ok I’ll be easy, I’ll breathe and let him do his pace… I began to move in harmony with his rhythm; I felt his hand reach up to my back, stroking gently… a moan escaped my lips… “Oh Fe…” “Yes babe… you like?” “Hmmm hmmm… yea.” “Want me to go faster now?” “Yes please.” “I didn’t hear you babe, tell me what you want.” “I want you to go fast… real fast… yessss! Faster!” “I’m gonna let you cum first, babe aii? I’ll wait for you.” “I’m almost there… Shiiiiiiit! That spot, right thurrr… yes! Oh my God Fe, I’m cumming…”

In the middle of my orgasm, I felt his hand go up the back of my neck and softly tighten around it as his thrusts became harder… “Bims! Babe… Awww!” He groaned as he spilled inside me, slightly collapsing on me as he held me to his body.

He turned me around and had me sit on the edge of the table, as he held me to him again, our chests touching this time around. “I haven’t heard you call me Bims in a while.” “I haven’t seen you wear one of these since forever… Bims.”

True, I hadn’t worn one of these since back in the day when I made it my sole duty to be his seductress; I even forgot how hot I looked in ‘em. I smiled, and let my tongue stroke his tiny nipple… “Oh no babe, don’t start. Not yet. Go get your robe; we’re having dinner in bed.”

Dinner in bed… we used to do that. So many things we used to do. I made a mental note to make a list of things to bring back; I was going to title the list “F*ck Yea!”… And on that list, fishnet – check!