The FeBims Chronicles By RebelKween: III

Before I knew it, he had me up against the wall, tearing my new purple lace panty, spreading my thighs apart and entering that moistened part… moistened… wet…

I smiled, looked like I achieved my aim after all. All that idea I got when I moistened my lips earlier in the day when I was sipping that wine paid off…

Yes, I had gotten things more than a little wet; there was a floodgate down there and this feeling was stronger than when I had the wine… I was giddier than I’d been in forever!

I felt him about to explode again, so I quickly took him out of me and knelt in front of him

“Do it on my bra!” I told him.

I felt the hot liquid on my cleavage first before I heard his howl! I got up and smiled as he collapsed on our bed.

I went into the bathroom, took off the stained bra and turned on the shower! He was half-asleep when I got into bed.

“Mr., you need soap. I’ll get it tomorrow.” I smiled down at him

“You need new lingerie too, get that first.” he replied with a lazy drawl.

I smiled and was about to turn my back towards him to sleep, as was the trend, when I felt him pull me close. I was going to mark today on the calendar, and draw tiny stars and sparkles… this was my last thought as I closed my eyes and fell asleep too.