He saw them, they were three. Just like the three demons that’d made Peter lie. Yeah, they’d whispered lies to Peter, making him lie against his master. Then sticking the rooster with their eveil serpents, making it crow to make Peter know they’d got him good. Peter was strong though, he got them back, all ’em three demons and ate that lying rooster too.

He would get these three like Peter did ’em demons. The tall dude looked like he would want to be a hero.

“I’ll hero you alright” he giggled to himself.

He burst into the room and in one swift motion plunged his knife into the neck of the tall dude who had been getting out of his chair. He sat back heavy, his journey to the rainbow’s end now a one-way trip to ghost ville.


Silence hung over the room, the sheer brutality and swiftness of the murderous attack shutting everyone in the room up. The screaming girl, now the quiet girl peed her pants. He giggled as he saw the dark wetness spread around the crotch of her jeans. The nurse lady looked like she needed an injection. He would inject her good too, he giggled again at his naughty thought.

Quickly, he crossed the room and stabbed the nurse lady in the guts – thrice. Then as she fell to her knees in pain, he walked back to the door and shut it.


“Ye, will run and your sin shall run after you” he said as he turned to face his congregation. He surveyed them, the nurse

bleeding like a stuck pig, he giggled at the thought because he’d stuck her like a pig too. The half-naked girl was trying to crawl into a corner while the brother with the lion hair was crying silent, desperate tears.

The tears annoyed him and in anger, he shouted at lion hair “Quit, yer whimpering, I ain’t sticking you with my knife. You’ll be wanting another kinda sticking”

He walked over to lion hair and touched the glorious mane.

“It is real” he whispered to himself, “The hair, it is real…brought to life by eveil witchcraft”

He looked slyly at lion hair, waiting for a sign for which he knew not but when nothing happened, he brought out a box of matches and set lion hair’s hair on fine.

Something, happened then for lion hair rose sharply to his feet, dancing like a thousand demons had possessed him, wildly trying to put out the fire in his hair.

He giggled at lion hair’s wild dance and brought out a hammer from his jacket and smashed it into lion hair’s throat.

It wasn’t a happy death.

Killing Chapter 1
Killing Chapter 2