“She runs funny”, he mused..”Funny, like Grandma Pams’ dog after he’d set fire to its tail. He would catch her soon though and wondered how to punish her for running off on him when he did duel with satan’s temptation.

“He is a sly old one, that old satan” he thought to himself as he ran after the girl, “Sly satan…sneaking around with ’em horns and red eyes, trying to make me stick her with his eveil serpent”

“I’ll pop ye left eye first…it says so in the book. Turn ye thy left eye, so thy neighbour can stick it with his knife and do not stick back”

He ran faster, an avenging dark angel on the master’s bidding


She annoyed him by turning off the road and heading for a pub tucked in an isolated lot. A soft yellow light shone from the

building and he could see her steps quickening as she sensed sanctuary. He picked up his speed tucking his hand into his jacket for the knife he always kept hidden on him. Under his breath, he recited…”they are principalities and flesh lusts we war against, spirits sitting on high chairs, wickedness dripping from ye anus”

“PoooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOLiiiiice…someone call the cops” screamed the half-naked girl who burst into the room. The lady behind the counter, dropped the bottle in her hand, her mouth hanging open in amazement. There were two other men in the

room, a tall lanky dude with his earphones sitting just beside the door, on his T-shirt was written “there’s gold at the end of the rainbow”. The other dude had hair like he stole it from a lion, he just sat in the corner staring vacantly into his

“Someone call the cops, he’s trying to kill me” screamed the half-naked girl again. This time, she had everyone’s attention alright, the guy with the lion hair unconsciously licking his lips at the sight of her naked breasts.

The lady behind the counter came around to where the girl was standing trying to get her to calm down, shielding her nakedness with her own body

“I’m a nurse”, she said “what happened to you?”

“I’m a nurse too” sniggered the tall dude with the earphones as he started to get up from his seat

He never completely got out of his chair though, because a sharp pain at the base of his neck sat him down again.

He died not knowing what happened.

Killing: Chapter 3

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