Pepeye Meje 1 & 2 Movie

Pepeye Meje (Seven Ducks) is an interesting yoruba movie that Nollywood lovers need to watch.

The title of the movie, definitely gives away a part of the plot of this movie (What Nollywood Movie title doesn’t do that?). The movie revolves around a very rich man – played by Odunlade Adekola, who has to climb down from his high horse to allow his daughter follow the instructions of a shaaman, that she needs to steal seven ducks – Pepeye Meje.

Is this something a father should allow his daughter do? Why can’t the ducks just be bought? What is the genesis of the problem that requires the stealing of Pepeye Meje?

These are interesting questions that this movie answers, as it plays up several sub-plots in order to keep the viewers in thrilling suspense.

Picture quality and the acting quality are definitely way above average in this thrilling and interesting movie.

Odunlade Adekola and Ronke Odusanya play very excellent and believable roles as troubled parents who have to make a very hard decision of allowing their only daughter go out to steal pepeye meje (seven ducks.)

This movie is a must watch.

Pepeye Meje Part 1

Pepeye Meje Part 2

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