Can I Buy Bitcoins in Nigeria? The straightforward answer to that is yes. Bitcoin can be purchased from virtually anywhere you are in the world. You just need to know how to go about it.

These are the steps you need to follow to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria.

Get a Bitcoin Wallet:

The Bitcoin wallet is the first requirement you need for purchasing Bitcoins. Think of it as a virtual version of your everyday pocket wallet, where your Bitcoins will be stored. You can get a trustworthy bitcoin wallet online from Blockchain. Ensure you follow all the steps required to create your free Wallet and store your login credentials in a safe place

Get an Account on A Virtual Currency Exchange

While the Bitcoin Wallet is the bank that holds your currency, the Exchange is a place where you can buy and trade your bitcoin currency. In order to buy Bitcoins in Nigeria, you will need to join an exchange that allows you to deposit money in USD for the purposes of buying and selling digital currencies. One of such an exchange is the Virwox

On this service you can deposit money directly from your bank account into your Virwox account to use in purchasing Bitcoins. The Exchange will also serve the purpose of helping to convert your digital currencies back into either USD or any other regular currency, when you want to deposit proceeds from sales back into your own bank account. You can get a Virwox account by clicking on this link

Now Buy your Bitcoins

So, now you have your Bitcoin and an account on the Virtual Exchange, it is time to buy your first Bitcoins.

  1. Login to your Bitcoin Wallet
  2. Click on the receive Button to generate an Address to receive the Bitcoins you are about to purchase
  3. Login to your Virwox Account
  4. Deposit some money into the account directly from your Mastercard, Visacard, Skrill or Paypal
  5. Click on the BTC/SLL link under the Exchange Section on the left-hand side of your Virwox Dashboard
  6. Input the required parameters for the value of Bitcoins you want to purchase.

Please ensure that you input the proper Bitcoin address, you got from step, else the transaction will fail.

Follow the steps above and in no short time your bitcoins will be credited to your wallet.