The MMM Saga is set to continue in Nigeria as the January 14, 2017 date for its unfreezing is finally here.

The question on the minds of many – both Mavrodians and the ordinary watchers alike are thus:

– Will MMM come through?
– Will it deliver?
– Will doubters of the MMM scheme be proven wrong?
– Will business of PH & GH resume as it was before?

One thing is already quite clear, especially with the ripple effects witnessed by participants as a result of its freezing in December – MMM is a PONZI scheme that is heavily dependent on members putting in money into the system so that people can get paid.

Whatever rewards or bonuses being received by members is not from any form of interest or yields on investments of participants funds  but by collecting from Peter to pay Paul or in the case of Nigerians – from Adamu to pay Ngozi.

The answer to the question will Adamu remain confident to pay Ngozi when the MMM scheme unfreezes is what many are looking forward to come January 14, 2017.

The freezing of the scheme did not augur well for quite a lot of the participants, especially for those who had provided help (PH) and had been hopefully of getting help (GH) in December but which never materialized.

The panic and fear that their funds had vanished into thin air, has only being held back from being fully made manifest due to the hope that come January 14, 2017, the scheme will resume.

January 14, 2017 is finally here, let’s see what it brings along with it for the Mavrodians of MMM.