Beware The Child Spouse

Marriage is generally supposed to be a union between two adults but what happens when you find you are with a Child Spouse?

Who is a Child Spouse

The simple definition for this is a spouse who behaves with the mannerisms and tantrums of a child. At the onset, it is easy to get carried away by such people because they can often also be just as sweet as a child is. Things do get to head though when the water really starts to get tough.

The Child Spouse has a need for many toys

It really is no biggie if one wants to have the latest gadgets or stuff but it becomes a thing of worry when possession of the latest fad becomes an obsession for your spouse. Every adult should be able to display some level of decorum in their craze for fads but when your spouse is willing to do anything, repeat anything just to own the latest trending “toy” then beware. They could sell you to buy the newest gold spoon for their kitchen.

The Child Spouse breaks toys in tantrum

Is your spouse the thrower when they get annoyed? Someone who does not hesitate to fling his/her mobile phone in your face or at the TV/Wall when they are annoyed with you? That is a child you have got on your hands

The Child Spouse is clingy and needy

Independence is a hallmark of adults but a spouse who uses you as a crutch all the time for their own emotional inadequacies is no good for you.

The Child Spouse always plays the blame card

You are always wrong and your spouse is always right? A spouse who always wants to prove they are right will weigh you down sooner than later. The constant need to prove that they are correct and that you are wrong even in instances when it is not so will drive you mad.

The Child Spouse fails at responsibility

Asking your spouse if he/she can help out with something always brings a non-committal response. Even when they give you an affirmative answer at the onset, they are even more likely then to call you at a later hour that they are unable to do what they promised to do.


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