How To Burn MP4 Videos To DVD On Windows 10

Burn MP4 Videos To DVD Easily!

If you are on this page, then you probably have had that frustrating experience of wondering how to burn mp4 videos to DVD on Windows 10.

This post is going to show you how to burn mp4 videos to DVD in very short and easy steps.

Download The Right Software:
Countless hours are often wasted online searching for, downloading and trying out various software that won’t get one anywhere. Straightaway, we tell you a simple free tool to use to burn mp4 videos to DVD is the DVD STYLER.

The great thing about the tool is that it is free and installs without issues on Windows 10.

So, download the DVD STYLER and install to your pc.

Burning Your Mp4 Videos To DVD
Run the software after installation and you’ll get a screenshot such as the one shown below.

Usually, the default settings are okay for your DVD projects but if you wish you could tweak the settings to your desired ones. Click OK to move to the next screenshot shown below:

One advantage of the DVD Styler software is its very intuitive interface. In the screenshot above, you are presented with options for how the menu of your DVD should be themed. Select the theme that best suits your project and click next to move forward


This is the last stage where you import your videos and burn them to DVD. The process for doing this is quite easy as well.

Drag your videos to the timeline, which is the blank space at the bottom part of the screen. For instance in the illustration above we have dragged a video titled [3GP 240p] to the timeline.

Note that the capacity of the DVD disc you are burning the videos to should be able to accommodate the number of videos you are dragging to the timeline.

Once all your videos are on the timeline, arrange them in the order you wish them to be played by just dragging them into place.

After this, click the file menu and select Burn DVD as shown in the illustration.

That’s it! Enjoy your new DVD selection once its done.

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