So, it is wedding night/morning/afternoon as the case may be and it is going to be your very first time to make love. That time to “lie with your man” is now here and all the old tales you have listened to keep coming back to haunt you.

“It hurts…a lot”

“You’ll bleed like a stuck pig”

“It is going to feel like someone is shoving a baton into your body”


“It is like an alien invasion”

You get the drift!

Well, in some cases it will feel like some of the high-lighted terror tales but it does not necessarily have to be like that for you.

Here is how to make your first time easier:

Relax, it’s just sex: That is the simplest way of putting it. It is not an exam nor an interview for a placement in some top government secret establishment. It is just sex and lots of it take place everyday. So as much as possible, keep yourself relaxed. Take your mind off the old horror tales.

Think love: There is a reason you are giving your body to whom you are with now. Keep your mind on those reasons. Keep your focus on your partner’s body. Touch him, get lost in the sensation of setting free all the passion you have both been keeping in check.

Communicate: This can be done in several ways but it should be done in a way that works for you and your partner. If you feel pain, indicate such. If you like a particular touch, get your partner’s attention so he can do more of such.

Enjoy the feeling: For women who are especially religious, it is not uncommon for them to want to reign in their feelings. Some have indicated they found the strength of their passions quite bewildering. Here is a news flash! God made sex! Keep nothing inside and explore the full range of the strength of your passion.

Play: Remember to keep it fun!