The Hand Maiden…2

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He was still fiddling with his fly trying to hide the evidence of his pervert act, when she got to his table. He looked at her and bent his head in shame…softly croaking out a soft plea…”Please don’t make a scene”

“I’m not going to” she replied as she took her seat opposite him.

Feeling overwhelmed with shame he forced himself to look up into her face, his silent plea still written loudly on his face.

“I’m Faith” she said stretching a gloved hand across the table for a handshake which he couldn’t, wouldn’t take…his nasty spunk was probably still on it, he thought to himself.

“It’s okay” she said withdrawing her gloved hand “I know what you were doing”

John didn’t know what to make of her statement or the smile that hadn’t left her face since she took her seat at his table. He looked at her properly and saw her gown was made of a soft black material which clung to her curves suggestively. Everything about her seemed perfect. Her face was smooth and unlined with haughty high cheekbones and her eyes were shining black pools of mystery. Her skin was fair, smooth and beautiful.  Her breasts which had looked so inviting from a distance where even more so up close and he could make out the soft outlines of her nipples straining against the gown. He licked his lips involuntarily for a moment, his thoughts picturing what they looked like unclad.

“You would like to touch them, won’t you” came her soft voice.

John shook his head to be sure he had heard correctly…”er…no…yes…whaaaaaa?”

“You want to touch my boobs, fondle and suck them don’t you?” she deadpanned at him.

John looked around to be sure, it wasn’t some sort of prank. He didn’t see any cameras and other folk in the cafe were minding their own business. This was probably some sort of daydream and he’d wake up soon enough but still maybe this once, he could touch some boobies for real and not just live on wishes alone.

“Yes” he replied….”yes, I want to touch them and suck them”

She looked at him for a long moment and said…”Come, follow me.”

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