How I Got Introduced to Kini…2

“…aaaaah….yeeee….” sighed egbon.

Puzzled, I stopped my momentary attempt at bursting what I was holding onto because I did not understand why she was making those sounds.

“Don’t stop…joor” came egbon’s voice.

“Aunty Lade, why are you making that noise? Are you dying” I queried out of innocence.

“Shut up, nobody will die in Jesus name” with that egbon sat up (we may as well just call her Lade now, since I have told you her name)…Lade sat up and took off her vest.

At this point, I was becoming aware that something “unusual” was going on. I stared in awe, as she bared her young nubile breasts before me.

“Oya come and suck it” It was a spelling-binding command that I could not refuse. I moved closer like one who had been be-dazzled by the spells of a witch and suckled that which she had presented before me.

“Aunty Lade, this thing is not sweet”, I said after a couple of sucks. “There is nothing coming out of it”

“Stupid boy, you have to suck it for ten minutes and yogurt will come out” she replied me. Quickly, I resumed my task for yogurt was one of my beloved weaknesses (and still is).

Suddenly, I felt egbon’s legs clamping around my body. “Aunty Lade, do you want to kill me? Ahn, ahn…see how you are squeezing me with your legs”

By this time, I guess she gone to a land where ladies go, a discovery that I made a few short years later. Quietly, she adjusted her legs, took my young hands and guided it between her thighs.

My fingers had started to sink into something soft and a little slimy, when suddenly the door bell chimed.

Aunty Lade jumped up, like she had been shot, quickly got her vest from the floor and wore it and in a more sterner tone of voice, ordered me off to my room.

I remember staying awake for some minutes.

My last thought before dropping off to sleep was why egbon had hidden the vaseline I loved to play with between her legs.

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