I have never liked stupid men.

Nick looked stupid, talked stupid, walked stupid and I know he did his wife in a stupid way.

Nick is my boss, or in the context of things perhaps I should say was my boss. Feel at peace and knock yourself out with the grammar, it bothers me none.

Two things I have always bothered about though, was how Nick made his money and why in heaven’s name he hired a young male such as myself as his wife’s personal assistant. It should be three things actually – because at some point I started to wonder too if Nick knew I was hitting the spot with his wife.

Hold that thought! I ain’t no Joseph and Nick was no Potiphar either.

When you’ve got a hot, young and beautiful wife, there’s need to give her the right kinda service. Why buy a Lamborghini, if you are gonna drive it like a stretch limo? Makes no sense dude! First law of the fillies, you gotta ride it like it needs…else some other stud’s going to be filling your filly.

That’s free advice, you don’t have to pay for it.

So, stupidlooking, stupidtalking, stupidwalking Nick was my rich boss whose hot young wife I was serving as a REALLY really personal assistant.

At some point though, I ought to have started to hate myself because the more I wondered about those three questions, the brighter the warning light somewhere in my skull started to get and yeah it was flashing a really really bright STUPID sign.


I don’t remember who started to talk about Nick’s money first. Don’t get me wrong, I was thinking about how he made his money all the time but I wasn’t thinking about how to steal it. At least, not then anyway. I guess somehow in the heady mixture of doing his wife and getting paid for it, I started to plan a grand scheme of how to get more of his money for myself.

The plan was simple really…


The table idea had been brought up by Nick’s wife. She was going to lure him into some bondage game and then when he was bound, I’d come in, threaten or torture him to give out his bank details. When this was done and we had transferred enough money, we’d high-tail it out of there.

What plan was simpler than that?

Life is never that simple though and thinking it was,… was me being really stupid.

The lights went off in my head, when Nick’s wife asked that we do a quickie before Nick came around and of course she wanted to try the bondage thing with me. It was stupid really and I’m usually more focused than that when it come to doing business stuff. The thing was Nick’s wife was wearing this see-through skimpy stuff and I’d been having a hard time with trying not too get too excited.

It didn’t matter how many times I’d hit the spot, I always wanted to hit it again…darn, if there wasn’t some sorta kentucky spice in that region.


But now here I am strapped to a table looking Nick in the eyes…and of course now I know how Nick made his money

Nick’s wife was a demon…

She (It) had been harvesting my life-force through sex…

and Nick was here to deliver the coupe de grace…

I didn’t see the knife…I only felt something sharp piercing my genitals…

Did, I mention that I hate stup…

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