Written by: BlogAces

Co-written by: RebelKween
Ed sat up sharply in bed with a horrified look on his face. Wow!!! What a crazy dream he just had. He took a moment to take in his surrounding. Yes he was in his bed but there was no Andrea in the room neither was Sam. He shook his head and wondered how a very sweet dream can without warning just transform into an absolute nightmare. He sighed as he contemplated going to check on Andrea. He reached for his glasses by the bedside table where Andrea had placed it in his dream and wore it. Then he picked up his wristwatch to check the time; 8:19am the digital face of his Casio G-Shock told him. He loved that wrist watch so much that he had refused to do away with it even though Andrea had bought him a Breitling Chronomat GMT the previous Christmas and had insisted he wears it instead as it made him look more mature. He had pretended to oblige and he wore the Breitling when he was home. But as soon as he got to work,off comes the Breitling and the G-shock takes it place. 8:19am and he knew that checking up on Andrea would have to wait. He had an appointment at the office by 9am and he was really alarmed at how he could have woken up so late. Well,he had to admit that maybe Sam’s intrusion was a good wake up call in more ways than one. He threw the sheets aside and rushed for the bathroom even as he tried to imagine if Sam was really as ‘huge’ as his dream suggested…
Sam had walked into the living room and spotted Andrea at the dining table having a breakfast consisting of oatmeal,boiled egg and an apple. She stood up from the table as Sam approached to meet her. They hugged for a long while and Sam looked into her eyes and kissed her on the lips.
“I’ve missed you,my darling.” Sam said.
“I’ve missed you too,Sam.” Andrea replied. “But you smell so fresh. Took a bath at work or what?”
“Oh that.” He laughed awkwardly. “I was in a mess after work. I couldn’t come for a reunion at home all sweaty and stuff. I had to take a shower. It was so uncomfortable.” Andrea hesitated then said it was ok.
“So what have I missed,baby?” He said to throw her off. “I’m really sorry about this scar.”
“It’s okay. Maybe I deserved it for being so stupid that day.” Andrea replied.
“Don’t say that honey. You weren’t stupid. I was the one that went totally out of control that day. I’m really sorry.”
“Like I told you this morning,Sam. You’re totally forgiven. And about the scar,Ed says it makes me look even cuter.”
Ed was walking down the stairs when he heard Sam and Andrea’s voices. Luckily,he was wearing his loafers and they tend to be silent when he walked so no one heard him coming down the stairs. He wasn’t going to take chances so he tiptoed the rest of the way down. When he was within earshot,he paused.
“Sure it makes you a lot cuter.” Sam was saying. “So is Steve Urkle around?”
“You know I don’t like it when you call Ed,Steve Urkle” Andrea protested.
“Oh yeah? So,do you like it when he calls me Johnny Bravo or one of those obscene names he calls me?”
“I don’t. But more often than not you always start it but nevertheless,I’ll have a word with him”
“I think you shouldn’t bother. I’ll keep calling him Steve Urkle. Haven’t u noticed how he looks and dresses like Steve Urkle?
“Well I’ll admit to you,Steve Urkle is real cute but Ed is way cuter than Steve.”
Ed smiled where he was quietly perched. He didn’t want to ruin it so he quietly fetched his phone from his pocket and put it on silent.
“And Johnny Bravo isn’t cute?” Sam argued
“Uhmm… Sam, Johnny Bravo isn’t exactly reknowned for his good looks that why I want this name calling to stop.”
Eddie giggled. He was very careful not to give himself away. He heard quiet footsteps behind him and looked up to see Senami walking down the stairway. He put a finger to his lips and signalled her to quietly go back. She obliged. He returned to what he was listening to.
There was still an awkward silence as the couple kept staring at each other. Sam had a look of increasing irritation while Andrea had a look of increasing resignation.
“I asked you a question,Andrea. What is Johnny Bravo known for?” Sam broke the silence.
“Let’s not create another storm in a teacup,Sam. We’re already a plate short”
“Very funny. Then answer my question,Andrea. You seem to enjoy defending that nerd and I don’t like it.”
“I’m not defending anyone. All I want is some peace in this house without you guys always having a go at each other because at the end of the day I’m the one that suffers. This scar on my forehead for instance in case you’ve forgotten. It didn’t jump on me neither is it one of the newest range of MaryKay make up. It was inflicted.” She said as she pointed to her forehead.
Sam visibly calmed.
“Okay,I’ve heard you and I’ll work on my temper. But I’ll still keep on calling Ed, Steve Urkle. It matches so much and I can’t help but use it. It’ll be cruel to ask me to stop.”
“Suit yourself then. But this name calling is not going to end well and it’s you I’m worried about cos Ed has a thick skin but you have a short fuse.”
“Then tell me what Johnny Bravo is known for.”
“If you really wanna know,Johnny is known for being… for being obtuse.”
“Obtuse?” Sam asked.
“Yeah. Obtuse,stupid,dumb…they all mean the same thing. Need I go on?”
Sam expression was beginning to go darker.
“Oh my God,Sam. Didn’t you watch cartoons while growing up?” Andrea asked.
Ed decided he had heard enough. Besides,he was seriously running late now. He moved from where he stood…
“Good morning,guys” Ed said as walked towards them. “I’m really running late here. Hope I didn’t interrupt anything?”
He stopped to give Andrea a kiss on the lips. Sam was on the verge of a volcanic eruption.
“Later folks!” Ed said as he dashed for the door. He suddenly paused at the door,looked back at Sam and said; “I hope you have a wonderful day,Johnny Bravo.”
And he was off.